'Holidays Music Bag'

A bank of online early years music ideas that you can grab and go; there's no monthly commitment. 

Content of the online 'Holidays Music Bag'

10 Holiday Themed Early Years Music Activity Ideas for ~2 to 5 Years

  • 7 Song and Rhyme Ideas (includes 3 original songs, 'We're going on a Journey; It's Nearly the Summer Holidays; and We're going in the Jungle/on Safari')
  • 2 Listening to Music Ideas
  • 1 Body Percussion Idea

All in a downloadable activity booklet:

  • Songs and rhymes: words; different ways you could use the song.
  • Listening, Percussion activities: different ways you could approach the activities.

A content page of all the activities.

This could be used to help with planning.

MP3s to help learn songs/rhymes

Some with an accompaniment

Links to where you can listen/purchase music for listening activities and some YouTube links.

Holidays Front page of booklets

Plus a short training section

To help you get more from your current holidays themed activities.


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